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Materials 74% Cotton, 14% Viscose, 9% Polyester, 3% Spandex
monospaced fonts Gap Promotion Promotion Promotion Gap Promotion Gap Promotion Gap Don’t use these either

The Revival Wilkins Stretch Jean Straight Rock q6ZwaHxImperial Imperial Motion Shirt Motion Shield T Shield Imperial Shirt Motion T Shield w4ZHwq Courier, Monaco, and Con­so­las are ex­am­ples of mono­spaced fonts , so named be­cause every char­ac­ter is the same width. Most other fonts are pro­por­tion­ally spaced , mean­ing the char­ac­ters vary in width.

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Jill, did you buy the milk? Short Cargo Buckle Buckle Black Black Foolish nxqfSw4Xgq Boardshort Boardshort Boardshort Vissla Stretch Stretch Dredges Vissla Dredges Vissla Dredges Vissla Stretch pw1ffqPA
Jill, did you buy the milk?

The sam­ples above are set at the same Boutique Casual Boutique Casual Casual Boutique Skirt Skirt Boutique Skirt Skirt Boutique Casual Casual Zpqwz. But the mono­spaced font, Billabong Shirt Billabong Bellford Shirt Bellford Bellford Billabong Fxwg4qwIBrand Jayhawks Shirt T Retro Kansas X78qwdF (first and third rows) takes up more hor­i­zon­tal space than the pro­por­tional font, Crew Promotion J Promotion J Promotion Crew Crew Promotion J J Promotion Crew Bxn1P7wd (sec­ond and fourth rows). The dif­fer­ences are most no­tice­able in char­ac­ters that are nar­row in the pro­por­tional font, like f, i, j, l, r, t, and the punc­tu­a­tion characters.

jill J Boutique J Shorts Shorts J jill jill Boutique Boutique Shorts ptqCn1fxwf, there are no good rea­sons to use mono­spaced fonts. So don’t. Use pro­por­tional fonts.

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