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Penn State University welcomes international sponsored students. International sponsored students are undergraduate or graduate students who have received or will receive financial support from a corporation, nonprofit organization, or foreign government. These students must adhere to the requirements of their academic program(s), immigration regulations, and sponsoring organizations during their time at Penn State University. Penn State University provides the support, infrastructure, and services necessary to ensure successful sponsored student programing. 

Sponsored Relations is committed to serving international sponsored students at all Penn State University campuses. Our office provides comprehensive servises for both sponsored students and their sponsoring organizations, consisting of staff who specialize in immigration, student engagement, contract management, and finance. The Sponsored Relations team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our international sponsored student population, ensuring that the needs of both our sponsored students and sponsoring organizations are met.

Current/Potential Sponsored Students

Promotion Promotion amp;Co Style Style amp;Co Style amp;Co Style amp;Co Promotion Promotion Style amp;Co Promotion International sponsored students must adhere to the requirements of their academic program(s), immigration regulations, and sponsoring organization. The following are common requirements/requests sponsored students encounter before, during, and after their time at Penn State University. For more information, please contact the Sponsored Relations office.

Current/Potential Sponsors

Penn State University is a top tier research institution, consistently ranked among the top 100 universities globally, and receiving over $800 million annually for research. Penn State prepares international students to become leaders in their fields on a global scale. Our graduates join an extensive network of 700,000 alumni which stretches to all corners of the globe. Penn State University has been a top destination for international sponsored students for several decades.