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As an integral part of Team Coast Guard the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is integral to supporting U.S. Coast Guard Missions.

The USCG Auxiliary's Prevention Directorate is responsible for the planning and administration of Auxiliary programs to support and augment the United States Coast Guard's Prevention Directorate. As such, we assist and augment the Coast Guard's vital role as the nation's guardian agency ensuring the safety and environmental protection of our nation's precious waterway resources.  As America's Volunteer Guardians, we are committed to be dedicated, vigilant and ready to engage this mission on behalf of our fellow citizens.

The Department oversees two major Auxiliary programs - Navigation Systems and Marine Safety.

Navigation Systems

Marine Safety

Commercial Vessel Activities

Inspected Commercial Vessels

    • Foreign Flagged Vessels
    • Domestic Vessels (i.e. T-Boat, K-Boat, passenger, cargo, tanker)

Uninspected Vessel Activities

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    • Boutique Casual Casual Skirt Skirt Boutique Boutique Skirt Casual Uninspected Passenger Vessels (i.e. fishing guides, sailing schools, sightseeing tours)
    • Uninspected Tow Vessels
    • Commercial Fishing Vessels

Port and Facility Activities

  • Boutique Casual Casual Boutique Skirt Skirt Boutique Skirt Casual Port Facility Inspections
  • Casual Skirt Casual Boutique Skirt Boutique Casual Boutique Skirt Container Inspections
  • Marine Safety oriented MOM patrols
  • Regional Exam Center Support

Prevention Outreach

  • America's Waterway Watch
  • Citizen Action Network
  • Sea Partners
  • Good Mate
  • Marine Mammals Resources
  • Aquatic Nuisance Species Resources 

Communication and Education

  • Trident qualification program
  • Website maintenance
  • Marine Safety grant support

Please Note: Because of the diversity and breadth of the programs overseen by the Prevention Department, and the diversity of those programs which are both Direct Augmentation of Coast Guard Programs and are Auxiliary programs exclusively, this site is a portal to sites dedicated exclusively to specific programs. Currently, they may not link back to this page. Please bookmark this page as those sites may not link back to this portal to return here.



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